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recycled urban stories

Urbanbake invites you to perceive the world in a different way. Using extra-ordinary materials, like clay, concrete and electronic pieces, Sebnem Gemalmaz is telling recycled urban stories with her contemporary jewellery brand, Urbanbake. As a big lover of Scandinavian design, modern architecture, Bauhaus, Vitra, 1920's, art deco and more, she collects images and moments from life to make them revealed into tactile-massive daily items. This page is her visual diary. Have fun!

"representations of complex spritual ideas" It’s been a long while that I lost myself in translation and forgot about my blog here. Or maybe I barely came accrooss something charming enough to make my inner side move. Till I saw these amazing works. Thanks to a letter I received from  my beloved one in Sweden. This fantastic work of art is by Hilma af Klint. Enjoy! 

Pure beauty! #hetschip #architectute #amsterdamschool #workingclass #details #beautiful (at Het Schip)

pure beauty #amsterdamschoolstlyle #architecture #art #sunday #sun #favouritebuilding #hetship #1920s (at Het Schip)

Ode to Nature…….…it is the passion that turns our pain into pleasure…Grandeur, too, always pleases us whatever form it takes, for we are ever eager to increase our pleasure and would like to embrace the Universe….

experience the space-Palais de Tokyo- with sounds as much as sights, darkness as well as light //  Phillippe Parreno-Anywhere anywhere out of the world-11012014